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  1. Answer These Five Questions and Prevent Water-Based Sprinkler System Freeze!

    February 9, 2016 by Total Fire and Safety

    It’s the time of year when temperatures drop and things get icy, but don’t be fooled. Fires still pose a very serious threat even in winter! Even though it’s been a milder winter than normal here in the Chicago area, it’s still important to make sure your water-based commercial sprinkler system is bullet-proof from the elements and always ready. In the Midwest, where subzero temperatures can hit at any time, it makes sense to be prepared.

    A commercial fire protection company can provide winter fire protection, but building owners need to do their part too!  So how do you know you’re prepared? If you can answer these five questions affirmatively.

    Are your water-based sprinkler system pipes insulated? Even indoors, if the weather gets cold enough, your sprinkler system can be compromised and a small freeze within a fire protection system will compromise the system’s efficiency. If your building has a water-based fire system, the key is to block all cold air flow to the pipes. All pipes should be properly insulated, especially those in the ceilings and exterior walls of the building. Pipes that are close to the ceiling should have insulation above them, since cold air can enter between small caps in exterior sheathing and insulation.

    Have you installed a dry system in your most vulnerable areas? In places that are perpetually vulnerable to cold, such as attics and garages, it is best to replace your water-based sprinkler with a dry one. Special dry systems or dry sprinkler heads can be installed so that the sprinklers will continue to work in cold conditions, and you will never again have to worry about a freeze in a water-based system.

    Has your sprinkler system been inspected lately? When it comes to your commercial sprinkler system, an ounce of prevention is key. Make sure your sprinkler system is functional before the dangerous weather hits and there is a possibility of a pipe breaking.

    Do you know where your water shut-off valve is?  If you have a water-based sprinkler system, there is always a chance of a pipe freezing and bursting. Know how to stop the leak and react fast in an unexpected situation.

    Do you know who to call for help? Have the number of your commercial fire protection technician handy. They can prevent problems with timely inspections, repair a faulty system or update your water-based system to a dry one.

    If you’ve answered yes to all questions, your water-based sprinkler system is in good hands at your facility. If you answered no, we at Total Fire & Safety are at your service to help you install or maintain the best possible system for your building. Contact one of our qualified sprinkler professionals today at Total Fire & Safety.