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Fire Pump Service

Fire pumps are needed when the local municipal water system cannot provide sufficient pressure to meet the hydraulic design requirements of the fire sprinkler system. This usually occurs if the building is very tall, such as in high-rise buildings, or in systems which require a relatively high terminal pressure at the fire sprinkler in order to flow a large volume of water, such as in storage warehouses.

Fire pumps are also needed if fire protection water supply is provided from a ground level water storage tank.

Types of pumps used for fire service include: horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine, and end suction.

Testing Fire Pumps

Total Fire & Safety uses the latest in technology including pump testing equipment from Hydro Flow. The Hose Monsters greatly improve efficiency and accuracy of the fire pump test we perform. According to NFPA 25, every fire pump should have a flow test performed annually. In fact, many jurisdictions, fire inspectors, and insurance companies are requiring monthly and even weekly churn testing. Automatic fire pump systems are very reliable and have been a key factor in reducing property damage and the death rate in commercial and residential applications. When they fail, it is usually because they have not been maintained, inspected, or tested in accordance with NFPA 25.



Types of Pump Repairs

  • Replacement of bearings, packing, sleeves, impellers, shafts, casing relief valves, swing bolts, packing glands, and air release valves
  • Fire pump top-off inspections
  • Adjustment of alignment
  • Rotation changes
  • PVC drain line installation

NFPA 25 Compliant

NFPA 25 specifies required inspection, testing, maintenance and documentation for fire pumps, drivers, controllers, fuses and circuit breakers, and alarms. In addition, the Standard specifies requirements for the adequacy of the energy source and water supply for fire pump systems.


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