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  1. Clean Agent Systems: The Eco-Friendly Fire Suppression Systems

    July 9, 2015 by Total Fire and Safety

    Many businesses are choosing clean agents in order to safeguard their assets- data stored on computers, expensive electronic equipment, and anything that could be destroyed with liquid, especially certain chemicals sometimes found in commercial fire suppression systems.  Clean agents are a new kind of suppression system for the 21st century, because they are computer-friendly. These clean agent systems release gaseous chemicals instead of liquid, which prevents electronics from being damaged by a fire suppression system. Clean agent systems are therefore preferred in areas like data processing centers, telecommunications facilities, medical diagnostic rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, museums and art galleries, etc.

    Clean agents work the same way a traditional fire extinguishing agent would, by targeting the heat, oxygen supply, or the chain reaction between these components. However, clean agent suppression systems are unique because they target a third component, the availability of fuel. The gases can isolate the source of the fire’s fuel in order to extinguish it. When used properly, clean agents can be just as fast and as effective as water or other extinguishants that would affect electronic equipment.

    There are certain dangers that go along with clean agents, however. Since the gas must fill an area in order to achieve its full effect, the pressure and volume of the gas must be carefully regulated. Suffocation is a possibility if people are trapped in a room when a clean agent system is activated. However, alarms are always in place to alert people in plenty of time to evacuate the area. Another potential danger occurs if the gas creates enough pressure to break walls or windows. Suppression system experts can make sure that the system is adjusted so that the pressure in a room will not reach dangerous levels.

    In the case of an accidental activation of the suppression system, a traditional sprinkler system can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Clean agent suppression systems are a way to avoid this risk while still protecting your business from fire.

    If you have questions about the best type of suppression system for your needs, Total Fire & Safety is an expert in installing, inspecting and maintaining these systems. Contact us today for an appointment at 630-960-5060.

  2. What is a Commercial Fire Suppression System?

    June 24, 2015 by Total Fire and Safety

    (This is the first in a two-part series about suppression systems.)

    If you are in the restaurant business or have industrial paint booths, you are probably no stranger to commercial fire suppression systems.

    Suppression systems are tailored to a specific fire hazard such as cooking equipment or industrial chemicals. They consist of an alarm system as well as sprinklers to deal with specialized fires. While kitchens and industrial paint booths comprise the bulk of suppression systems, there are also specialized applications for computer and process control rooms, laboratories, libraries, museums, robotic systems, tape storage libraries, and telecommunications facilities.

    For Commercial Kitchens 

    Kitchen suppression systems are very important because of the continuous, dangerous combination of high temperatures and flammable oils. Since these fires cannot be extinguished with water, they must be doused with special chemicals. A fire safety service such as Total Fire and Safety can install a fire suppression system that includes commercial fire sprinklers to release the right chemicals at the right time to douse any dangerous kitchen fire.

    Systems need to be inspected every six months to keep up with NFPA standards. Total Fire and Safety can also provide thorough, efficient inspections, and can automatically remind your business when it’s inspection time.

    For Industrial Paint Booths

    Paint booth fire suppression systems are installed around spray-painting booths which use hazardous, flammable chemicals. The enclosed nature of the booths requires a separate fire suppression system to contain the fire. The suppression system disperses an extinguishing agent when a fire is detected.

    Since paint booths can be used for a variety of jobs that may involve different types of paints and chemicals, a professional assessment must be made to determine what kind of extinguishing agent will be used in the suppression system. Total Fire and Safety is experienced with all types of industrial paint booth suppression systems and can provide all maintenance and inspection services to keep your company in compliance. Total Fire also offers 24 hour emergency service for these systems so that any problems are resolved quickly with minimal downtime for the facility. For more information on Total Fire & Safety’s fire suppression installation, inspection and maintenance services, contact us or call 630-960-5060.